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Founded in 2004 by Erika Randall, proved that contemporary dance and independent dance artists are a strong force in the Columbus performing arts scene. was comprised of dance artists committed to expanding the local dance scene and audience awareness of the talent therein. True to its nickname, coming from a play on Einstein’s well-known equation where here e = , creates and attracts energy for Columbus contemporary dance. Barbara Zuck of The Columbus Dispatch described ’s work as “athletic outbursts of ebullience and optimism,” “thoughtful and fascinating,” and “flawless presentation… with a look of its own.”

The mission of Columbus Movement Movement () was to support the development and visibility of contemporary dance artists and the Columbus dance landscape through the organization of performances, educational outreach, personal and group promotion, and internal networking. was an organization dedicated to expanding opportunities for independent dance artists in Columbus, Ohio.

was a 2007 nominee for the Artistic Excellence Award, an annual award given by the Greater Columbus Arts Council “to an organization that demonstrates innovation, risk, and artistic excellence in a performance, exhibition, or program.” is also the recipient of two Greater Columbus Arts Council Project Support Grants. Jay Weitz of the Columbus Alive named as one of the Columbus dance highlights of 2005 and 2006. On the national dance scene, Dance Magazine named as one of the 25 to Watch in 2007.





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